Traditionally, people used eyeglasses to correct their vision, but today a lot of people prefer to use contact
lenses due to various reasons including comfort, lifestyle, aesthetics, and convenience.
At Ewing Optical, we can provide you contact lenses according to your suitability and
requirement to wear them regularly or occasionally. Many people wear contact lenses
on daily, weekly or monthly basis as per their requirement.

Reasons to go for contact lenses
You can use contact lenses for various reasons, for example they are the best choice
for active people. This way they don’t have to worry about for their eyeglasses moving
from one place to the other. Moreover, contact lenses provide a clearer vision than
eyeglasses. They also allow you to change the color of your eyes by using contact
lenses of different shades. They can suit any style as eyeglasses can affect your style
to a great extent. Thus, contact lenses make your life easier and comfortable if you use
them as per the instructions provided with them.

Types of contact lenses
At Ewing Optical, we provide contact lenses from the top brands as per the
requirements of our patients. GP or Gas Permeable contact lenses are rigid lenses
which are more suitable for the people who want a durable lens with a high flow of
oxygen to get crispy vision. Toric contact lenses are preferably used for correcting
astigmatism as now they can wear soft lenses. We design some of the contact lenses
especially for the patients suffering from presbyopia, astigmatism, dry eyes and
keratoconus as they are considered to be hard-to-fit patients. They need more patience
and time for this purpose. Bifocal and multifocal contact lenses are designed for the
people with presbyopia but do not like to wear bifocal eyeglasses.


How to find the right contact lenses?
The process of selection of right contact lenses starts from a thorough examination of
your eyes so that its existing condition can be ruled out and most suitable prescription
can be designed to wear the contact lens without any problem. Such things cannot be
determined in a routine examination of the eyes to determine the suitable type of
contact lens they have to test and measure several things.
We will help you in finding the lens with the best fitting on the basis of the health and
shape of your eye as well as your lifestyle. We will also allow you to try various lenses,
to find the suitable one, on the day of examining your eye. We will also allow you to take
some of the samples to your home to make a final decision comfortably.

Fitting of contact lenses
Initially, we will fit the contact lens selected by you, after making necessary changes in
its material and shape, so that you can get one with the best possible fitting. We will
also teach you the ways to take care of your contact lens as well as the consequences
you will have to face in adverse condition. Then we will schedule a long term monitoring
program with you to monitor proper maintenance and condition of the lens.

So, if you want to wear contact lenses to correct your vision or get more information in
this regard then you can contact us anytime.

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