Eyeglass Repair Services

Just because it’s broken, doesn’t mean it can’t be repaired.

The opticians at Ewing Optical have the experience and the skills needed to repair just about any part of your eyeglass, whether it’s a broken frame, a missing nose pad, broken hinges, or missing screws.

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Plastic Frames
Plastic frames come in all types of durability and qualities. The higher the quality of the eyewear, the less flexible, as they tend to hold their shape without getting stretched too much. Whereas, lesser quality plastic eyeglass frames have a tendency to get out of shape. You might wear them for a very short period of time yet, it ends up feeling like elastic. Sure, you can try to fix it on your own but it takes years of experience to make sure the right amount of heat is used at the right time and place so the frame and lens do not crack, or lose its shape completely.

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Adjusting Metal Frames
Metal eyeglass repair is much easier than adjusting and repairing plastic eyewear but still requires skilled hands to fix. The first step starts with knowing the metal, as metal eyewear frames come in a wide range, having different quality and properties from one another. Their properties and qualities depend on the type of metal they are. For example, titanium frames shall be adjusted differently than those made of nickel coated steel. By using proper knowledge of the metals and their properties and the tools used to fix them, we then mold the metal frames back to shape. You should never try this on your own as you might end up breaking the frame or the lenses might get scratched or even broken in the process. For any other issue with your eyeglasses, do not waste a moment contacting us.

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