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How To Maintain Your Eyeglasses

Vision is a great sense to enjoy. There are very few people in the population that have perfect vision, so most require some sort of correction to be able to see more clearly. If you are an eyeglass wearer, you know how important it is to maintain your eyeglasses properly. This is even more true because glasses are more susceptible to coming apart from your face, as opposed to contacts. As an eyeglass wearer, you may have your own preferred procedures for upkeep but there may be other suggestions you have not known.

1 – Take Your Glasses Off With Two Hands

Though it seems trivial and possibly opinionated, use both hands to remove your glasses will help you to keep them (one side or the other) from being damaged or bent. As with anything, more favored use to one side can cause accelerated unbalances wear as opposed to more even wear between both sides. Always removing from one side can also stretch the temple hinges resulting in a less snug fit.

2 – Purchase A Microfiber Optical Clean Cloth

Most times, eyeglasses come accompanied with their own microfiber cloth for cleaning your glasses. If not, you can politely ask your optometrist for an optical cleaning cloth or ask for suggestions on where to purchase. Though they seem soft enough on your skin, lotion free tissues, paper towels and the bottom of your shirt should not be used for cleaning as they can easily scratch your lenses. 100% cotton is acceptable, but be mindful of dirt or debris that can also transfer to your lenses as a clear and lint free surface is the goal. Also be sure to gently rub the surface and keep the lenses facing upward when lens cleaning.

3 – Use Solution To Clean The Lenses

Make sure to use the proper cleaning solution if using any to clean your glasses. There are cleaning solutions that are designed specifically for eyeglasses without harmful chemicals and additives. This does not include Windex or other household cleaners, though made for glass. These can include ammonia which can strip away any coating on lenses. Not to mention that placing these chemicals so close to your face and eyes can cause irritation.

4 – Purchase An Eyeglass Repair Kit

If you really want to make your glasses last as long as possible and don’t mind investing in a kit, then you may want to consider doing so. Parts such as nose pads and screws can come loose and a repair kit can help to mitigate any wear. Having a repair kit will not only help you maintain your glasses for longer but can also save you from having to purchase new ones. Being prepared with a kit can also save you in an emergency weekend situation when your optometrist may be closed and unavailable.

5 – Have Them Adjusted Twice A Year

Often times, where you purchased your eyeglasses, offers you the service to adjust your glasses every six months – sometimes it’s even free. Consistent and regular maintenance, like with cars, can help to make your frames last longer, which is definitely a bonus if they were costly.

6 – Store Them In a Case

Keep your eyeglasses safely stored in a case will help to prevent against scratches or other accidental damage. Having a designated case also aids in discovering whereabouts. If you’ve ever had to suddenly take your glasses off and placed them down to address something, you may have forgotten exactly where you placed them. Taking the extra few seconds to stow them back into their case – that is larger than the glasses, thereby making finding easier – gives you the peace of mind to keep your glasses from being sat on or crushed in your separation from not being in their case.

Even if you don’t incorporate these suggestions into maintaining your eyeglasses, eyeglass wearers should always be mindful of handling their glasses especially carefully. Since your vision is dependent on their preservation, some sort of upkeep is always best practice.

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