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Optometrist In Westlake Florida

An optometrist is a healthcare professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating any ocular diseases or vision abnormalities. At Ewing Optical, we employ the best eye doctors available, servicing the Westlake, Florida area and all of Palm Beach County, in order to provide you with eye care services and the clear vision you need, whether you wear glasses or contact lenses. We work together with optometrists alike to make sure that our customers never leave us unsatisfied with the quality eye care they deserve.

Eyeglasses In Westlake Florida

For many people who suffer from poor vision in Palm Beach County, obtaining and maintaining their eyeglasses can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Unlike most chain eyeglass stores in Palm Beach County, Ewing Optical is devoted to handling all of our customers’ needs at a price they can afford and with the kind of customer service that they deserve. If you need to purchase prescription eyeglasses for you or a loved one, our team here will make sure that you receive the highest quality product and service available in Palm Beach County.

Eye Exam In Westlake Florida

When you are looking to get yourself the corrective lenses that you need, the first step should always be getting an eye exam to determine the severity or your vision impairment. We also specialize in eye exams for contact lenses. At Ewing Optical, we offer our customers in Palm Beach County the opportunity to have their eyes tested and to purchase their glasses and contact lenses all in one visit. We are determined to make the process of having your eyes examined as quick and thorough as possible; saving you the time and money you would have wasted with a trip to your physician.

Contact Lenses In Westlake Florida

Constantly wearing your prescription eyeglasses so that you can see properly can be incredibly inconvenient on a day to day basis. Wearing glasses while trying to exercise or play sports in Palm Beach County can be risky, and lead to your contact lens being broken or damaged regularly. At Ewing Optical, we offer our Palm Beach County customers the opportunity to obtain a convenient alternative to wearing glasses with our high-quality contact lenses. Whether you need gas permeable contact lenses, soft lenses or another contact lenses option, our vision center has all your contact lens needs covered. Getting yourself a contact lenses exam, contact lens fitting and contact lens prescription can not only save you time and money, but also make it easier to live your life in Palm Beach County.

Eye Care In Contact Lenses In Westlake Florida

Here at Ewing Optical, we offer a variety of different eye care services to our customers in Palm Beach County. Our team of eye care specialists is comprised of some of the best in their field and have dedicated themselves to providing an unmatched quality of eye care service for each and every customer. Whether you have soft contact lenses or some other form of contact lenses, we are able to provide excellent eye care for your needs. We are also able to fit you with a soft contact lens or any other type that you may be looking for. Come to our eye care center in Palm Beach County, and we will make sure that that whatever ocular impairment or disorder you are suffering from is treated as quickly as possible at an affordable price.

Eyeglass Repair In Westlake Florida

Almost every single person who owns a pair of prescription eyeglasses has damaged or broken their glasses at some point. Getting your glasses fixed at one of the generic eyeglass stores can be an incredibly expensive and time-consuming process. Our services include eyeglass frame repairs. At Ewing Optical, our eyeglass repair shop services in Palm Beach County are not just affordable, but also provided with an unmatched level of customer service.

Sunglasses In Westlake Florida

One of the unfortunate realities of wearing corrective eyeglasses is that you cannot also wear sunglasses do help shield your eyes in the hot Florida sun. Here at Ewing Optical, we offer our Palm Beach County customers the opportunity to have high-quality prescription sunglasses crafted for them as an alternative to traditional eyeglasses. These sunglasses can protect your eyes from damaging ultraviolet radiation while simultaneously correcting your vision, giving you the best of both worlds.

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