Proper Contact Lens Care

There is nothing more important when it comes to contact lenses than exercising proper care. Your eyes and sight are valuable and taking every precaution to ensure both are healthy while wearing lenses is vital. Here are some ways to best take care of your eyes and your contact lenses:

-Always obey the doctor’s instructions. It can sometimes be dreadful to go, but for better vision, it will be well worth it. Also, unless your lenses are specified to do so, don’t wear them to sleep. This goes for the daily contact lens use also. When it’s time to do so, replace them, because trying to make the contact lens last longer can lead to unwanted consequences.

-Always take out the contact lens when necessary or in susceptible circumstances. This applies to water activities such as water aerobics, showering, beach, etc.

-Always wash your hands before and after applying the contact lens. This will eliminate any dirt particles and reduce the chances of developing any eye related sickness.

-Do not put contact lenses into any non-sterile solution. It is best to use distilled water, saline solution or any other approved sterile product. Putting contact lenses in the mouth for moisture is considered a hazardous, unsanitary protocol. In addition, avoid any do-it-yourself sterile solutions.

-Avoid using rewetting eye drops for contact lenses. It will cause the contact lens to change colors, especially to the soft contact lenses.

-Only apply contact lenses to eyes as doctor instructed. In addition, do not deviate from their advice on how to properly store and clean them as well.

-Keep contact lens’ solutions tightly sealed and in a safe place. In addition, don’t let the top of any bottles come in contact with any other objects. It can spread germs and the solutions will no longer be effective.

-Do not clean the contact lens case with tap water. Instead, clean it with the contact solution and let it air dry.

-Replace your contact lenses as directed by your doctor, product description or prescription. Don’t try to stretch it out by keeping them past what is recommended. If the contact lens is cracked, torn, or any other damage, don’t use the contact lens. Instead replace with a new set.

-Don’t wear contact lenses past what is directed by your doctor, the prescription or the product’s specifications.

-Make sure that the contact lenses fit correctly in your unique eye and make sure the prescription is correct/ accurate. Talk to your doctor if you notice any discomfort or discrepancy.

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