Summertime Eye Safety Tips

During summer, we enjoy many fun activities such as family get-togethers, outdoor festivals and concerts, cookouts and swimming. Unfortunately, some of these present threats to your eye health and vision. Here are tips on how to protect your eyes during this hot season:

1. Wear Sunglasses 
In order to protect your eyes during summer, consistently wear sunglasses with full protection against both short-wave ultraviolet (UVB) and long wave ultraviolet (UVA). These radiations originate from the sun and are harmful to our eyes. There are many brands of sunglasses out there, so get one that impresses you and stay protected. Too much UVR exposure can result in photo conjunctivitis or photokeratitis, cataracts development and even pterygium.

2. Use Goggles When Swimming In Pools
The chlorine applied in swimming pools is a disinfectant and has the potential to harm your eyes. For safety purposes, you need to wear goggles whenever you swim. This also applies to swimming in natural bodies of water such as oceans as they may contain contaminants that can cause eye injuries. Studies show that prolonged exposure to chlorine affects the corneal epithelium which is a layer protecting the cornea from pathogens and irritants. This increases the chances of corneal abrasion.

3. Leave Fireworks To The Experts
The use of fireworks is very common in outdoor festivals and concerts during summertime. When setting them off, they produce a very strong explosive force and thermal energy. This can really cause big damage to your eyes including a total loss of vision. One needs to put on protective eyewear to avoid any damages.

4. Wear Hats
Sunglasses normally have gaps along the sides. UVR exposure can occur here affecting your eyes and eyelids. This is why you need a hat. Consistent use of sunglasses and hats will significantly lower the likelihood of UVR exposure. 

5. Protect Your Eyes During Outdoor Activities
Summertime is characterized with many outdoor activities on both the beach and land. Always try as much as possible to protect your eyes from any foreign bodies that may cause harm. These include sand, dust and any chemical substances. Make use of personal protective equipment such as glasses to keep your eyes safe from any potential damage or injury.

6. Drink Plenty Of Water And Eat Healthily
There is a strong relationship between what you eat and your eyesight. Some foods are rich in nutrients which help in the prevention of long-term vision challenges. Zeaxanthin and lutein are antioxidants known to assist in the prevention of cataracts and macular degeneration. Foods high in zinc, Vitamin E and Vitamin C also help in this regard.
Additionally, the likelihood of one getting dehydrated during summer is very high. Water helps provide the fluid necessary for normal eye function. Serious dehydration leads to dry eye symptoms plus other vision difficulties. Ensure you take plenty of water to avoid this condition.

It is crucial that we always uphold eye safety. During summer, the tips above will help you achieve this. Contact Ewing Optical for a consultation and to schedule an appointment at (561) 798-0244.

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